Just a typical awesome back story

The person behind the Dayna Lee Collection is Dayna Langlois, a late twenties mom of two very handsome little boys and a newborn baby girl. Not to sound conceited, but I like to think I have a really good back story - you know the one with a horrible job, plenty of tears, doubt, and struggles - making it really perfect to become very successful and show people how you can take your life into your own hands and "change your story" while working for yourself. (Enter plug here: "Change my Story" pillow is available in the shop) A girl can dream!

I have a university degree in International Business but I have always worked in food services because with the little ones, and as a young mom who hasn't established a career, I needed to work around my husband's shift work. Most recent jobs were lunch lady and working at a popular coffee/donut shop. I had been in this industry for ten years and I was miserable.

It was in the last job - this popular coffee shop - one day, crying outside in the middle of winter because the kids ten years younger than me had got the best of me, I decided enough. This is enough. I deserve more.

I consider myself hard working, dedicated, I really love to go above and beyond. Knowing how hard I would work, how passionate I am, why was I not putting this energy into something positive?

I quit THAT DAY. I had no idea what I was going to do. I considered myself moderately good at a few things but not amazing at one thing. Sucks when that happens you know. My mom of course is an amazing artist and I started working for her as an artist agent. One day I showed her this fancy hand lettering to see if she would like to use it on her work. She wasn't interested but I couldn't stop writing things in this style.

Bam. This is the day that changed my life. Since that day, I'm spending hours writing quotes that don't exist, designing and creating illustrations I had no idea I was capable of. None of it feels like work. I found my "thing". One item at a time, I am building my empire. ("She's building her empire" currently available in every product line)

"My goal is to create something that is going to have an impact. I would like to be known as a brand who empowers and inspires women. I want my work to be there cheering you on when you leave your day job to follow your dreams, telling you to keep going when you have that ounce of self doubt, or just make you smile when a smile is all you need.

I want to truly connect with what you're going through, inspire you to be all that you can be, and to remind you of just how amazing you are."

I always worry because my work is different. Either you get it or you don't. But I don't want to be like anyone else. It doesn't matter if many people can do the same thing and make lots of sales and can be very successful. That isn't it for me. I want to connect with women on a different level. I want to approach things differently and I just keep going and keep on creating work that is my own and hope that maybe one day.... I will have my moment.

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